Fallacies of Data driven decisions

Businesses and governments spend an enormous amount of time and money in search of data that informs their decision-making processes. The barrier for an individual to accumulate large amounts of data has decreased dramatically and can easily overwhelm their ability to make sense of it. This new reality has increased the importance of quality decision making skills at the executive, program/ product, and technical team levels of the organization.

Decision-making processes and culture are foundational components of an organizations ability for meeting the needs of a constantly changing business landscape. An organization may tout a data driven mindset and great agility but lack the understanding of the reasoning or method from which a decision is made. Not understanding this key component can result in decisions that promote chaos rather than agility.  

This presentation will explore performance optimization through the lens of quality, relative to decision-making and organizational adaptability. 

John Cvetko, Principal, TEK Associates

John Cvetko is a principal consultant at TEK Associates. He works with companies and government agencies to improve their project management processes and supports the teams that carry them out.

John has over 20 years in high tech; the last 12 have been implementing, monitoring and testing large software systems.
He also works with the state governments of Washington, Oregon, North Carolina, North Dakota, and Mississippi. In the private sector, he has worked with firms such as NIKE, Boeing, Tektronix, and PGE/Enron