Pairing as Leadership Function to Drive Performance and Quality

Guest Speaker!
Pairing as a practice in software development is well known, and can provide significant quality benefits in a programming context. In leadership the practice is less common, though the need for collaboration is just as high. In this talk, Dan will tell stories of success at multiple levels of leadership, brought about by applying pairing techniques across business functions. He'll review patterns leaders can deploy within their organizations with very high leverage, making them and their teams more effective.

Dan Shupp

Dan is an international entrepreneur, and has built technology companies on 3 continents. He has a demonstrated history of scaling teams into high performing organizations through autonomy, mastery, and empowerment across a number of industries, in professional services, entrepreneurial, and enterprise contexts. He currently leads Artium's San Francisco practice, building new capabilities at scale for clients where high quality software is a requirement of their business strategy. Previously he ran e-commerce for Rakuten Viber, built an Agile outsourcing firm in Vietnam, and worked in IBM's Beijing Software Research Lab. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University, and currently resides in San Francisco, California.