PNSQC is directed by volunteers. Most of the work needed to produce events is also performed by volunteers, which is why PNSQC events are so affordable. As a volunteer-based organization, PNSQC is always looking for new volunteers to bring fresh ideas into the organization. PNSQC divides itself into committees to get the work done to produce events.

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Benefits of Volunteering for PNSQC

Professional Contacts
Working on PNSQC provides you with the opportunity to communicate and meet with global and local leaders within the software community.

Professional Development
By helping PNSQC organize its events, your personal organizational skills will directly benefit.

Working on PNSQC is a chance for you to make your mark within the Northwest’s fast-growing software community.

Gain notoriety in the Northwest and beyond. Active members of PNSQC become recognized as leaders within the software community.

New Ideas and Skills
The exposure to new ideas and skills you will gain by being part of PNSQC will keep you (and your company) on the leading-edge.

Complimentary Attendance
Volunteers who make significant contributions to PNSQC events are granted complimentary admissions.