Please Donate To PNSQC

Each year PNSQC receives a variety of requests from the community for assistance with helping to defer the cost of college or retraining for members finding themselves in a career transition, or microloans for the impoverished needing assistance in starting a technical business.

Additionally, PNSQC also welcomes donations that have a specific cause that our members are passionate about. When you donate to the PNSQC your donation will be directly applied to the cause of your choice without any overhead fees. Your donation will be displayed on the PNSQC donate webpage with your name if desired, and a statement that captures the intent of your donation.

As an example, you may want to donate to a local cause that promotes a technical education for homeless youth. The donation would show the donor (if desired), the amount (if desired) and the intention for the use of the funds.

This service is provided to the PNSQC community to help raise awareness of causes that our members are passionate about.

Your employer may match donations. Please check with your employer to find out if PNSQC may receive a match.

PNSQC is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization, based in Portland, Oregon, USA.