Enterprise IT Quality Meta-track

Many presentations on the PNSQC 2022 program are relevant to medium to large enterprises -- both in the private and public sectors. The Board of PNSQC thinks the following presentations are especially relevant to Enterprise IT Quality for those who work in or with larger enterprises. Together, these presentations logically define an Enterprise IT Quality meta-track at PNSQC 2022. 
The full program of PNSQC 2022 has been released. For a quick overview, please check out the at-a-glance program.
Times given below are in the US Pacific time zone and are subject to change. Please check the link above on conference days to confirm.

Meta-Track - Day 1


Meta-Track - Day 2

The Program Committee continues to put a lot of energy and enthusiasm into the tracks this year. Having more speakers and shorter breaks was a popular change for the past two years that will be carried forward this year in combination with bringing back the free Invited Track.

We’ve simplified the tracks to three main technical tracks plus this free Invited Track. This program includes a wide range of topics targeted for managers / team leads, developers, testers, and other professionals dedicated to software quality. Thinking in terms of these tracks may help you plan how you spend time at PNSQC 2022. We also hope this logical grouping of presentations will be helpful to those who work in or with larger enterprises.  Register today!