Software Quality as it Relates to Data

Special Guest!

Leveraging advanced technology and quality software in a modern data architecture requires quality planning around Master Data Management and Security practices. Together these provide the foundational framework for governance at scale and allow for high quality software development and deployment practices that facilitate digital transformation in the cloud. We will discuss how AWS services help large public and private enterprises manage data flowing in and out of diverse lines of business at any scale. We will talk about building a robust, resilient, and scalable data lake and data catalog that integrate seamlessly with services inside and outside of AWS.

Natasha Nicolai

Team leader and executive. Strategic plan and vision developer, collaborator, and data integration evangelist. Continuous quality improvement coach and change maker. Experienced Policy Researcher with a demonstrated history of working with practitioners, counties, states, and legislators to elevate evidence into policy change. Skilled in data system innovation, analytics, management, staff development, evidence based technical assistance, research design and policy analysis. Proponent and researcher focuses on two-generational approaches to disrupt poverty, government program redesigns that emphasizes human dynamics and decision making, and deep understanding of the impacts of stress and scarcity on executive function and self-regulation. Strong background in medicine including biomechanics, sports rehab, healthcare systems, spine research and injury prediction and prevention. Graduate degrees from University of California, Berkeley and the University of Puget Sound.