PNSQC Content & Demographics

For the past few years, Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference has consistently attracted over 300 quality professionals from across the United States and internationally. Our attendees represent testers, managers, developers and thought leaders from private, government and educational sectors. Over half our attendees are from organizations centered within the Pacific Northwest and along the West Coast. With over 100 companies and 11 countries represented, our conference has a broad reach to many within software development and IT. We offer a strong bridge in bringing our sponsors and attendees together to share in our PNSQC community

PNSQC attendees expect to hear from influential quality professionals and companies.  Some of the keynotes and invited speakers from the recent past include:

Paul GerardJennifer BonineJason ArbonKaty ShermanKarl Wiegers
Rich SheridanScott CrabtreeAlan PageRex BlackCapers Jones
Diana LarsenKenneth PughLinda RisingLisa CrispinTim Lister
Angie JonesJohanna RothmanEileen ForresterJames ShoreMichael Bolton


Technical tracks have been presented by industry experts, agile thought leaders, professors and company founders such as:

Ward CunninghamJenny BrambleWayne RoseberryJon Bach
Chris CowellLee CopelandJeffrey PayneKaren Johnson
Dave ShanleyKalman TothRonald ThompsonTariq King