The Program Committee continues to put a lot of energy and enthusiasm into the tracks this year. Having more speakers and shorter breaks was a popular change for the past few years that will be carried forward this year in combination with bringing back the ‘poster papers’. We’ve simplified the tracks to three main areas to include a wide range of topics targeted for managers, developers, testers, and other software engineering professionals dedicated to software quality. Thinking in terms of these tracks may help focus topics for proposals.


Process and Tools

In practice, developing quality software involves applying a combination of good engineering processes and methods, tools and technologies, implementation techniques, and infrastructure support. Quality is multidisciplinary and weaves throughout a product, service, and organization. Whether you are an experienced technology professional or just starting your career, PNSQC believes that by sharing your experiences and interests our quality community becomes stronger and more dynamic. Topic examples in this track include:

Process & Methods

 Tools & Technologies 

 Implementation & Infrastructure

Agile and DevOpsTest AutomationSystem Integration
Project/Lifecycle ManagementMobileUser Acceptance
Quality EngineeringCloud/ServerlessCI/CD
Design and ArchitectureAI/MLSource Control
Measurement and MetricsBig DataChange Management
Security & ComplianceIntrusion DetectionConfiguration

Management, Leadership, and People

Behind every great product there is a great management team. To create a quality organization, growing and attracting quality managers and leaders is essential. This track is focused on exploring management concepts, techniques, and case studies that aspiring or experienced leaders can share and learn from.   Management topic examples:

Emerging Technologies and Concepts

New technologies are constantly emerging, each with its unique set of challenges in engineering, testing, operations, and management. Software quality is crucial for the success of these technologies and processes. The Emerging Technologies & Concepts Track at PNSQC welcomes contributions from experts who are passionate about ensuring software quality in new and emerging technologies. Please join us in sharing expertise, exchanging ideas, and learning new strategies for ensuring high-quality software in emerging technologies. Your knowledge and insights can include topics such as: