There are 2 types of PNSQC members:

Voting Members
Community Members

Voting Members

A voting member as defined by the PNSQC Bylaws is:

A Voting Member of PNSQC is a person who within the last twelve months has:

  1. Registered and opted in as a Voting Member; and
  2. Paid dues either by:
    • paying a conference registration fee or
    • paying a voting membership fee or
    • having fees waived by the board.

Fee amounts and membership categories are established by the board and may change from time to time.

Voting members are welcome to participate in the PNSQC annual meeting held annually in November during which 2-3 board members are elected. Board members hold an election for officers at a subsequent meeting.

If you wish to become a voting member, please complete the registration form.

Community Members

A community member is anyone who uses the PNSQC website, social media, or conference to share and exchange information, interact, and network with the rest of the community. You can:

Advantages of Community Membership

We want PNSQC to be more than an annual conference. We also want to promote an online community to enable easy, safe interaction that benefits professional growth, problem-solving, and learning. Membership:

  • Provides a more spam-proof, privacy protected way for people with a common interest to interact and exchange information about software quality.
  • Gives participants the confidence to raise questions or issues that are work-related, technical, or professional in some regard by confining the audience to people who are respectful and serious about software quality.
  • Provides opportunities for discussion about conference material throughout the year with other conference participants and speakers, including keynotes and invited speakers. All intellectual content on the website is viewable by members and non-members alike. But only PNSQC community members can post to the forum and use the private messaging and buddy lists.
  • Makes it easier to develop peer professional relationships. Members create a profile indicating what information about themselves they are willing to share with other members.