AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) 

How does serverless technology in the cloud compare to traditional on-premise development and testing? Discover how serverless development and testing works in AWS envinoments. This tutorial includes building a local testing model with AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM). It includes a review of the SAM components; including SAM serverless resource configuration using the SAM command line interface tool. This tutorial is designed to assist developers and testers with bootstrapping, testing, and deploying serverless applications.

Randy StatonRandy Staton

Randy is a Solutions Architect (SA) at Amazon Web Services (AWS) focused on guiding organizations with cloud adoption, acceleration, and transformation. Randy covers State and Local government accounts for the State of Oregon. He has deep background in global distributed systems and cloud migration of Data and Analytics platforms and data pipelines for a Fortune 100 enterprise. This was done at scale leveraging CI/CD and DevOps practices to migrate platforms to AWS.