I am a Product Owner and I want to run a 'Load Test'

The quality of non-functional performance has become a crucial success factor for almost all online software applications. In an age where customers expect software applications to 'always work', benchmarking how much load an application can manage is a critical factor for a business to know. This metric will directly impact business decisions during certain critical business events and allow businesses to better prepare and predict behavior in the ruthless universe of online software. The standard practice for load testing is to run a suite of tests which simulate system load on the application. There are plenty of load testing tools available to do a reasonable load test of an application. But the problem is, the majority of these tools require personnel with automation test development expertise to set up and run them. It would be beneficial if organizations have access to load testing tools which allow anyone without any prior experience in developing test automations. This way a product owner or a business owner can use it with 'reasonable intuition' to load test their online application to validate the production readiness of their system. "What is load testing and why software companies need to do load testing.
Importance and benefits of load testing.
How can non technical people do load testing.