Career Choices for Modern Day Testers

Keynote speaker

Are you a tester embedded in a team interacting with the same product at the same point in the process? Chances are that either you are or have been in that position at some point in your career, or you know someone that is or was! If you can relate to this you know the next big question on the subject is: which direction does a solo tester head in next as a natural part of their career development? Heck, what are some of the options and key directions?! For many the options can seem daunting or opaque, especially if this is your first role. Join Vernon Richards as he shares his ideas on the possible directions for the evolution of a solo tester. Discover how you can take the next step that is best for you so that you can experience real professional growth.

Vernon Richards, Quality Coach

Vernon Richards is a software quality coach and tester who helps organizations, teams, and individuals understand the relationship between quality and testing to help them build better products & deliver more effective services. He has been testing since 2002 starting with video games on PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC. It may not sound like a real job but it’s the truth! He currently runs the House of Test (UK). Using his coaching skills in the quality and testing space, Vernon believes that the most effective way to serve the business, is to help teams and individuals gain new perspectives about themselves and their teammates.