As a Constellation We Shine - Mentorship Through the Lens of Shine Theory

The common belief is that mentorship is a one way street, where a mentor benefits a mentee. However, mentorship done with empathy and intent can be a two way street. By applying the fundamentals of Shine Theory in practice with mentorships, both the mentor and mentee can grow and learn from each other, shining together as their relationship flourishes.  As Shine Theory is a practice of mutual investment in each other, through a mutual exchange of positive energy and the excitement of enriching each other's knowledge, mentorship becomes a bidirectional benefit for both members of the relationship regardless of the role or experience in the careers of the participants.

Sophia McKeever

Sophia McKeever is a self taught Software Development Engineer in Test and has been in the industry for over eleven years.  She has a passion for test automation and has built test automation in both front end and back end applications.  She got her start at DataSphere Technologies Inc., a start up in the advertising space, moving from a Customer Service role into a Software Test Engineer role, and worked her way into being a vendor with Microsoft Azure building their UI Automation frameworks for the Signup and management portals.  She then went to The Pokémon Company International building test automation for and their Game Studio Backend team before taking a role at Apple's Apple Media Services team writing UI automation for iOS and macOS.  A year later she returned to Pokémon to help redesign the automation architecture for the Organized Play team.