Conquer Your Testing with Comprehensive and Agile Risk Analysis!

The scope and complexities of software testing are increasing significantly as new technologies emerge, applications become more advanced, and users become more astute! The quantity of test conditions and test cases can make the process of testing overwhelming, especially when factoring in aggressive deadlines and a lack of resources.

Utilizing a strategic risk-based analysis approach will assist you in prioritizing your overall testing effort. If you can’t validate every scenario, every time then at least ensure you test the functionality most critical to your organization. Regardless of your organization’s SDLC risk analysis is an essential element to successfully address the demands of quality in today’s IT landscape.

This workshop, with real-world examples and exercises, will present information to enable your organization to implement approaches and proven strategies to more successfully apply risk analysis to your test plan.

Audience will learn via interactive exercises:
  • How performing Risk Analysis on testing assets will dramatically improve quality
  • Important, key risk terminology and definitions
  • Factors to consider when defining your risk score formula
  • Two proven strategic approaches to Risk Analysis: a) comprehensive risk scoring and b) a rapid, reliable Agile approach to risk scoring in detail

Bob Crews, CEO and Co-founder of Checkpoint Technologies

Bob Crews is a consultant and trainer with over 35 years of IT experience in full life-cycle development, quality assurance, and software testing. Bob and his organization provide services and solutions focused on QA with a concentration in functional, performance and security testing. He has assisted organizations such as Harvard University, Raymond James, the FBI, J.P. Morgan Chase, and the Department of Veterans Affairs in developing teams, processes, and solutions to improve the quality of their applications and systems. Bob has consulted over 290 organizations on QA, effective software testing, building effective teams and process, test automation, and risk analysis. He is exceptionally enthusiastic about the future of IT and software testing and believes The best is yet ahead!