Achieving Software Quality: Prioritizing Intended Behavior

Software development is more than just writing code. It is a complex process that involves numerous components, including design, testing, and implementation. And while each aspect of software development is critical, there is one factor that is often undervalued: Intended Behavior.

Intended Behavior refers generally to the requirements, specifications, standards, and functional designs and other constraints that are necessary to define a software system and meet business requirements. In this session we will explore the importance of Intended Behavior and how focusing on this component can help improve software quality every time.


Bob JohnstonBob Johnston, CEO of Critical Logic

Bob Johnston, a 25+ year veteran of the IT industry, has a proven track record of founding successful IT companies and is the creator of the IQM Studio automated test tool. Bob brings a deep technical background to Critical Logic through experience ranging from programming to executive entrepreneurship. He is a featured speaker at many major software development conferences, consistently sharing his extensive knowledge with other industry professionals.