Defining Testing Strategies for Modern Times

The Software industry has evolved much in the last 5-10 years. The ways in which we approach testing and quality must advance in order to keep up with the new requirements and constraints of our projects. One example of the type of changes we are seeing today is the fact that in many cases, it is cheaper to fix a bug once it happens in production than it is to test for it and fix it before we release the product, but there are many more.

Join Joel as he reviews the new paradigm of software development and explores how to approach this new reality with testing and quality strategies which are better suited for modern times.

We will review concepts such as:

  • Defining concrete value metrics for user stories
  • Implementing "parallel testing while developing"
  • Orchestrating manual and automatic testing coverage for faster releases
  • Applying risk-based testing in production
  • Utilizing production metrics to evaluate the quality of your product

You'll walk away with knowledge to help you set up testing and quality strategies that are better suited to the emerging challenges faced by most companies today.


Joel MontveliskyJoel Montvelisky, PractiTest

Joel Montvelisky is a Co-Founder and Chief Solution Architect at PractiTest. He has been in testing and QA since 1997, working as a tester, QA Manager and Director, and a Consultant for companies in Israel, the US and the EU. Joel is also a blogger with the QA Intelligence Blog, and is constantly imparting webinars on a number of testing and Quality Related topics. Joel is also the founder and Chair of the OnlineTestConf, and he is also the co-founder of the State of Testing survey and report. His latest project is the Testing 1on1 podcast with Rob Lambert, released earlier this year – Joel is also a conference speaker, presenting in various conferences and forums world wide, among them the Star Conferences, STPCon, JaSST, TestLeadership Conf, CAST, QA&Test, and more.