Using Shift-Left Testing with AI and Low-Code

Shift left testing has been long advocated in the world of software engineering, but ask any software tester in a room and they always are left wishing they were able to actually practice shift-left testing effectively.

Join this talk to learn about how QA teams can leverage AI and low-code to start effectively shifting left at speed and scale. The speaker will also be sharing real world examples and success stories from world-class QA engineering teams using AI and low-code to test earlier and test 10x faster.

KR KandyalaKR Kandyala

Rukmangada "KR" Kandyala is the founder and CEO of Testsigma. Testsigma is an AI-augmented, low-code test automation platform used by QA teams across the world to automate tests on web, mobile and desktop applications apart from APIs using plain English statements.

KR has more than 15 years of experience building enterprise products for companies like Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Zoho where he led various teams across the engineering organization.