Technology and Society: The Public Interest in 1s and 0s

Software systems now play a pivotal role in shaping society. Well before the advent of the Zuse’s Z1, technological innovations in both the public and private sectors have shaped social technological systems. This presentation is a primer on the relationship between software quality and the ways in which diverse communities interact with machines, it aims to illustrate the importance of public trust, public involvement, and public interest as key dimensions. Where appropriate, I will discuss how this thinking relates to components in the forthcoming Oregon Digital Equity Plan, part of my official duties as Digital Equity Program Coordinator of the State of Oregon.

We will touch on
  • Technology and the Public Trust
  • Technology and Public Interest
  • Technology and Public Involvement

Join us in exploring how software practitioners can contribute towards a digital landscape that empowers and serves diverse communities, safeguarding the public interest, and enabling a better world of 1s and 0s and one that extends into RL.

Leina Gonzalez-BairdLeina Gonzalez-Baird

Leina Gonzalez-Baird is the Digital Equity Program Coordinator in the Oregon Broadband Office State of Oregon. Leina is a human rights practitioner and has a background in political science, law and public policy, and emerging tech.