Panel: Modern Test Automation Strategies

The technology landscape is changing. It is evolving at neck-breaking speeds, and software test automation tools are keeping up (barely) changing towards new technologies and capabilities.

On one hand, QA engineers must keep up with these changes and stay current with what is coming. On the other hand, these new technologies in the QA realm are not free of our usual drawbacks, such as Initial investments in the tools and/or infrastructure, ongoing maintenance after the creation or implementation, the time it takes to create the automations not to mention fixing the flakiness, the idea that management holds that once they have an automation everything is stable forever, and many more.
These modern technologies, methodologies, trends, and mindsets massively affect our test automation landscape.

Join this panel of experts as they discuss these challenges and propose new solutions, mindsets, practices, and perspectives.

Moderated by: Leandro Melendez

  • Rukmangada Kandyala (KR), CEO of TestSigma
  • Evan Masters
  • More TBA