Panel: Women in Tech

A panel discussion featuring women from different experience levels and longevity in the Software Industry.  We'll be discussing the challenges our panelists have faced as well as the solutions they implemented to get past "The Glass Ceiling" and other common problems that come from being a Woman in software.

Topics include:

  • Events that showed that the Glass Ceiling is real and strategies to counteract those moments
  • Effective strategies for women to get ahead
  • Best and worst career advice
  • How managers & coworkers can be allys for women in tech
  • Is there room at the top (for more than one or two people who aren't cis white men)?

Moderated by: Heather Wilcox

  • Corinna Schultz – Staff Software Engineer, HMH
  • Katie Werremeyer – CEO, Heartware
  • Selena Delessie