Quality Assurance and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery Pipelines

As software development, integration, and delivery processes continue to speed up with increased demand and growth throughout the industry there is a growing need to evolve our quality assurance approaches to ensure solid and quality code arrives in the hands of every user along with a constant flow of new features and changes. Quick releases, stringent SLAs for uptime and service, massive and quick scale up/down needs, accessibility, localization, and a huge array of user devices are some of the challenges that can cause significant issues internally and for our customers without the right changes. We are constantly evolving our approach and have learned some good lessons along the way on how to build in quality at each phase with automation and integration of tools and processes throughout our CI/CD pipeline to significantly decrease our hotfixes and interruptions in production while increasing our delivery of features to our customer base. We have gone from significant down time each release in each supported region worldwide to zero downtime releases with better automated and manual verification tests along the way improving efficiencies of our engineers internally and our customers in production. Still learning, but some lessons to share

Key Takeaways:

Some approaches and tools that can assist in combining good quality assurance processes with modern CI/CD approaches for delivery of especially SaaS applications

How to build in automation to help support quick integration and release timeframes especially when starting for little or no automation coverage

Maybe some other best practices that we have found helpful as we have built in more and better quality internally for engineering and addressing the most critical pieces for customers in production.

Richard Robinson, BongoLearn Inc.

I currently lead the DevOps, QA, Infrastructure, and IT engineering groups supporting all operations for BongoLearn, Inc. We at Bongo create video training, learning, and assessment workflows and technologies embedded in many of the prominent Learning Management Systems in the EdTech industry. I have a background in QA, automation, and managing QA and systems engineering teams for large and small companies over the last 22 years. I am passionate about quality and ensuring customers and companies are able to effectively use technology to solve their problems without needing to worry about issues and problems that plague our world and get in the way of real work.