Software organizations and UX maturity matrices

How can software organizations differentiate themselves from the competition? One of the key visible differentiators is in the way your system looks and handles the user experience.  Join PNSQC 2022 Award winner as he examines how your oganization can set a course to a better user experience.

  • Examples for successful organizations
  • The various UX-maturity models
  • How can we adopt UX-maturity as a software organization within teams and inside our processes

Kirolos George 

Kirolos George is a senior software quality assurance/software testing engineer for Siemens Digital Industries Software. Received his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Communications and Electronics department Ain-Shams University, and MBA from ESLSCA Business School 

Interested in: sustainable development, future of work, digital platforms, marketplaces, software testing, leadership, gig economy and semiconductors