Elevating User Experience Across Your Software Organization

A Guide to UX Maturity Models for Software Teams

In today's competitive software landscape, user experience (UX) has become a key differentiator for success. However, many organizations struggle to understand how to improve their UX practices and design processes. That's where UX maturity models come in.

In this session, we'll explore the benefits of UX maturity models for software organizations and provide actionable tips for navigating the model to drive growth and success. We'll discuss the different levels of UX maturity, from chaotic to optimized, and highlight key practices and tools that can help organizations improve their UX processes. Whether you're a UX designer, software developer, or business leader, this session will provide valuable insights into how to advance your organization's UX maturity model and drive business success through better user experiences.

Join PNSQC 2022 Award winner as he examines how your organization can set a course to a better user experience.

The session will include the following subtopics:

  • Business value of design
  • The definition of UX maturity
  • History of Various UX Maturity Models
  • What are the differences between various maturity models?
  • The benefits of achieving higher levels of UX maturity, such as increased user satisfaction, improved product quality, and higher ROI
  • How to assess an organization's UX maturity level
  • The challenges and obstacles that organizations may face when trying to improve their UX maturity level.
  • Best practices and strategies for promoting UX maturity in software organizations, such as creating a UX culture, investing in UX education and training, and utilizing UX champions.

The session will provide attendees with practical insights and actionable steps for improving UX maturity in their organizations.

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Kirolos George, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Kirolos George is a Senior Software Quality Assurance/Software Testing Engineer for Siemens Digital Industries Software, Calibre Pattern Matching team with 11 years of experience in the Electronic Design Automation industry. Previously he was a Technical Support Engineer with a leading networks company. He received a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, Communications and Electronics department from Ain-Shams University and Master of Business Administration from ESLSCA Business School.

Interested in: User experience, software testing, semiconductors, sustainable development, future of work, digital platforms, marketplaces, leadership and gig economy.