W4(AM): The New Tester's Handbook

Starting a new job as a Quality Tester can be daunting - there's a lot to learn and know.  Not only do you have to get up to speed on your company's technology, but you also may need to acquire new testing skills.  

This workshop will cover the knowledge you need to know to be successful on your first day (or your 300th).  Topics such as Test Case construction, Test Plan assembly, Black box vs. White Box testing, Risk Based Testing, Automation theory, Client vs.Server testing, and other important information will be covered in depth using real life examples.  

Mastering these concepts is key to becoming a great tester.  It is also must-have knowledge to transition from a Tester to an Engineer.  Whether you're starting your first testing job or your 5th, this workshop will help you sharpen your skills and step up your testing game. 

Learning Objectives include:

  • Overview of the Types of Software Testing
  • Understanding of the software testing process, from design to execution
  • How to choose the appropriate methods of testing
  • Fundamentals of test design

Heather Wilcox

After leaving a potential career in Anthropology, Heather has spent nearly 30 years working and learning in the software industry.  Early on, Heather chose to focus primarily on start-up and small companies. As a result, she has had a broad range of job descriptions which include, but are not limited to: Technical Support Engineer, IS Manager, Technical Writer, QA Engineer, Staff QA engineer, and Configuration Management Engineer.

Heather has also worked with and tested a wide range of operating systems, software, and hardware including everything from OS/2 applications to video encoding hardware.  This variety has given Heather a wide range of experiences to draw from in her current role as Quality Engineering Manager at a mid-sized educational company where she’s been for the last 13 years.

In her spare time, Heather enjoys fiber arts, equestrian sports, and training donkeys.