Test Maturity Game

Test Maturity is essential for organizations that value high quality systems. But what is Test Maturity? And how do you measure Test Maturity?

This tutorial starts with the Test Maturity Game; build your own Test Maturity Model. Based on that experience you will learn what the test maturity model TMMi is and how you can use it.

A Test Maturity Model in itself is useless, it becomes valuable if you use it as a measurement and improvement tool. In the second part of this tutorial we look at the different kind of assessments, we will end the tutorial with a tool supported quick scan.

By attending the this tutorial you will learn what test maturity is, how test maturity models can help you and your organization and how assessments can be done.

Outcomes include:

  • Understanding the concepts of test maturity.
  • Understanding of the Test Maturity Model
  • How to perform a self-assessment using the Test Maturity model in an engaging way
  • Setting goals for improving the software-testing process

Jan Jaap Cannegieter

Jeff SingWith 30 years of experience in ICT, Jan Jaap specializes in software testing, test process improvement, software process improvement, quality assurance and requirements. What drives him is helping organizations, management teams and individuals to improve software testing, quality assurance and requirements by means of advise, courses and coaching. He focuses mainly on test process assessments, QA assessments and requirements process assessments.

Currently he works as a Senior Advisor at the CIO Office of the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations.