Visual Models for Test Design

Designing test cases is a fundamental skill all testers master over time. Join Robert Sabourin as he teaches you fun visual techniques to help design powerful test cases and choose test data that will help surface important bugs fast. These skills can be used in exploratory, agile or engineered contexts — any time you need to design a test.

Learn about visual tools and techniques for creating powerful test cases. You’ll explore many different visual modeling techniques including mind mapping, storyboarding, state modeling, decision tables, along with the visual aspects of requirements analysis, combinations analysis, usage scenarios and more. These techniques will remove some of the mystery of good test-case design, they will sharpen your skills and give you many new test design approaches. Come and improve communication and collaboration among project team members and project stakeholders using visual models for test design.

This session is for anyone charged with designing and implementing software tests in any development environment, including business analysts, test engineers, test managers, developers, quality engineers and all software development professionals.

Robert Sabourin, Inc.

Robert Sabourin

Robert Sabourin has more than forty years of management experience, leading teams of software development professionals. A well-respected member of the software engineering community, Robert has managed, trained, mentored, and coached thousands of top professionals in the field. He frequently speaks at conferences and writes on software engineering, SQA, testing, management, and internationalization. The author of 'I am a Bug!' the popular software testing children's book, Robert is an adjunct professor of Software Engineering at McGill University. Robert is the principal consultant (&president/janitor) of AmiBug.Com, Inc.