Establishing your Quality Roadmap through Service Delivery Reviews

Do you ever feel in your role as a QA leader or Testing Engineer that you get assigned tasks that seem more like stop gaps than actual work that will drive lasting quality improvement? Does it ever feel challenging to get other engineering leaders to align on what projects will be more impactful, rather than reacting to what's currently blocking them? One of the tools I utilized to help navigate and establish direction was running a Quality Service Delivery Review which helped establish:

  • What does healthy quality look like in your engineering organization (code quality, engineering process, deliverables?)
  • Is the Quality Organization successful in delivering this (what KPI's and how is this consumed)?
  • Is our overall engineering output actually delivering with quality (what happens if it's not)?
  • Are our customers satisfied with our product and how can we determine this?

Join PNSQC 2022 Award Winner Jeff Sing as he explores how to answer the questions above to help you align the engineering leadership team on which quality initiatives should be worked on quarter to quarter. 


Jeff Sing

Jeff Sing is a Quality Leader who has been in the testing industry for over 15 years. During this time, he has built automation frameworks, test strategies, and executed quality initiatives for fields such as medical devices, infrastructure security, web identification, marketing tech, and experimentation and progressive delivery. Jeff is currently a Director of Engineering at Iterable where he leads the Quality Engineering organization to orchestrate their quality control plan utilizing a combination of automated testing, implementing QA procedures, and acts as Iterable‘s customer experience champion to ensure Iterable remains the world's leading customer engagement platform. He also has built and leads Iterable‘s Engineering Operations Team which runs the services and programs to systematically improve effectiveness and productivity across the engineering organization as it scales. Jeff resides in Redwood City, California along with his wife and three children. Jeff studied Computer Science at UCSD, and to this day is still a passionate Chargers fan.