Exits on the Highway to Hell

Keynote Speaker!

At conferences we talk a lot about what works in agile organizations and in projects. We present best practices, new technologies, new tool, new methods and experiences we had. But we rarely talk about what we shouldn't do. In this talk, I will explain 10 things you should not do, things that some managers or clients want but don't work in practice. For instance: automate everything, the devs will test, we have to accelerate testing and the supplier will test. I will not only discuss these bad practices, I will also discuss how I dealt with it when he was confronted with these situations.


Jan Jaap Cannegieter 

After 30 years of experience in ICT, Jan specializes in software testing, test process improvement, software process improvement, quality assurance and requirements. What really drives him is helping organizations, management teams and individuals to improve software testing, quality assurance and requirements by means of advice, courses and coaching. Furthermore, he performs many test process assessments, QA assessments and requirements process assessments. Currently he works as a Senior Advisor at the CIO Office of the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations.