Continuous Testing Integration with CI/CD Pipeline

When the software development community started moving toward Agile methodology from Waterfall by the turn of the century, a critical phase of the software development model - deployment - still stuck in Waterfall time. From the conflict of Agile and Waterfall deployment practices came the idea of DevOps. In the meantime, continuous testing -- automated test integrated with CI/CD pipeline has taken software testing one step further, and it is a direct benefit of the DevOps transition.

In this presentation, we give a brief overview of the path from Waterfall methodology to Agile, the rise of DevOps practice, and the benefit of continuous testing. We also show with examples how to integrate automatic testing into the CI/CD pipeline.

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Junhe LiuJunhe Liu

Junhe Liu is currently a DevOps engineer at Carrier. He has over 30 years of technology and technology management experience. At Carrier, he integrated various automatic tests into the CI/CD pipeline. Junhe Liu studied Computer Science at Portland State University and Stanford University. He’s also a co-author of Enterprise Java Developer’s Guide (McGraw-Hill)