Navigating Complex GraphQL Testing: Automating Integration Test Generation's federated GraphQL endpoint features over 450 operations, acting as a gateway to a multitude of backend data sources. Developing an additional layer of integration testing for our graph following internal staging deployments presented a significant challenge due to the vast number of possible operation variations. In this talk, we will explore the approach we employed to address this issue by creating a framework that automatically generates and executes test operations through parsing our GraphQL schema. This low-maintenance test framework efficiently provides valuable feedback on our graph changes. While our current work has been successful in detecting bugs and offering insights into our graph's intricacies, testing the core business logic remains a human-driven endeavor. However, we will also discuss promising methods to automate certain aspects of business logic testing in this framework.

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Nate Smith

Nate Smith is an accomplished software professional with over 15 years of diverse experience in the industry. Throughout his career, he has held various management and individual contributor roles, focusing on enabling fast and high-quality software development. Currently, Nate serves as a Principal Software Engineer at, where he develops testing tools and infrastructure. Nate holds a PhD in Philosophy from the University of California, Davis. During his academic career, he presented his work at numerous national and international conferences. He specialized in the philosophy of science.