Smart Assistant for Dell Server Validation Determining High Value System Under Test Configurations

Dell Technologies, a global leader in Client & Infrastructure solutions. Customers demand a wide range of unique server configurations, with over a million combinations for the top 5 15G server platforms. The complexity arises from combining multiple components from various vendors, resulting in overwhelming permutational possibilities. Constraints of cost, bandwidth, and time further limit the number of configurations that can be physically tested for validation. Addressing these challenges requires innovative solutions to optimize server configurations and improve the validation process. As part of presentation we cover the solution that utilizes data-driven and machine learning models in arriving at optimal configurations for High Value System Under Test. These models assess the performance and reliability of different server configurations without the need for exhaustive physical testing, significantly reducing time and resources required for validation. Furthermore, this solution incorporates feedback loops with the Dell Server Validation Org team, allowing real-time input and fine-tuning of the models based on their expertise and insights. This solution aims to address the current methodology's problems and loopholes, leading to process transformation across the entire organization. Furthermore, this approach has the potential to positively impact the customer's Cost of Dissatisfaction.

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Vishnu Murty Karrotu

Distinguished Member of Technical Staff(DMTS) at DellEMC Infrastructure Solutions Group. Masters in Software Systems with 17+ years in Leading Validation and Automation efforts. Responsible of Delivering Test Automation frameworks and Tools. Worked on Server, Storage and System Management Software domains. 9 Patents Granted by USPTO and 128 Disclosures recognized by Dell Patent Committee. Presented Technical papers in PNSQC2021, Pycon(Python developer forum), STeP-IN, Targeting Quality 2019, SNIA and Quality Connect Conferences.

Ramakanth Kanagovi

Ramakanth has 13+ years of corporate experience in Data Science specializing in Customer, Sales and Product Engineering Analytics. He joined Dell in 2016 and worked as a Data Scientist consulting various business functions like Server Validation, ISG Commercial Sales and Global Sales. He is currently working as part of the Dell Global Analytics (DGA) partnering with Storage Engineering business function. His primary charter of work includes building AI-in and AI-for solutions for Storage engineering. He has 32 Authorized Patents and 11 Grants under his sleeve. He has been conferred with India Industry awards – Top 10 AI Change Makers and Emerging Leader award in 2022.

Saheli Saha

Saheli has 7+ years of corporate experience in Data Science specializing in Server Validation Analytics. She joined Dell in 2018 and worked as a Data Scientist consulting business functions like Server Validation. She is currently working as part of the Dell Global Analytics (DGA) partnering with Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG) Engineering business function. Her primary charter of work includes building process efficiency solutions using AI/ML for ISG Engineering.

Virender Sharma

I am Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from National Institute of Technology, Silchar, India; and Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration. 20+ years of experience in different roles and organizations, with focus on servers in my current role and switches and routers in past. As part of strategy team, in my current role, I am responsible for creating and institutionalizing Data Management and Governance strategy for our Org. Outside work, I am a marathon runner and love to go to different places to participate in running events. I am firm believer of good health and healthy balance between work and family time.